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Please do send us your comments and feedback on this form over the next two weeks by Thursday 26 November. They will be collated into a Statement of Community engagement and then submitted to London Borough of Ealing alongside the Section 73 application.  If you would like to speak to the project team over Zoom, please email nick.bohane@instinctif.com.

Important: Protecting your data

A2Dominion and Higgins wish to understand your views and to ensure they are properly taken account before any planning application is submitted and subsequently determined by the local authority. In accordance with best practice and data protection law (including GDPR) we need your explicit consent to be able to share your views with the scheme project team and the local authority as part of the public consultation process.

We will not disclose your information onto any unauthorised person or third party other than the scheme project team and the relevant planning authorities and will only use your information for the purposes of the planning process and to provide you with subsequent information about the progress of the scheme. We will normally hold your data for a period of up to two years after the planning application has been determined by the authority.

You have the right to withdraw consent to us holding your information at any time and you can do so by sending an email to: nick.bohane@instinctif.com

You should be aware that if you withhold (or withdraw) your consent during the public consultation process then we will be unable to reflect your views as part of the consultation.

Please tell us what you think about Section 73 proposals:

I consent to A2Dominion, Higgins and their project team holding and using (for the purposes of any planning application) my data including my name, address, contact details and views expressed on this feedback form. I also consent to A2Dominion, Higgins and their project team using my data for the purposes of providing me with information about the progress of development scheme.

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